How to swap cryptocurrencies in Haru Switch.

1.png Tap on the Haru Switch section located on your dashboard. You can also access Haru Switch from your account page.


2.png Pool Status shows you the current pool balance for each coin! 


3.png Market Switch

  • Users can swap cryptocurrencies instantly at market rate, which can be checked by simply choosing the cryptocurrency pair in Switch.
  • Upon exceeding the Switch pool balance limit, the Market Switch order might be denied.
  • Market Switch orders do not support partial fulfillment.


4.png Limit Switch

  • Users can swap cryptocurrencies at the price they want.
  • The Limit Switch order price can be set by the user.
  • Limit Switch orders might be partially filled when there is insufficient balance in the Switch pool.


5.png Switch History

You can go through the details of the transaction by going to your Order History.


6.png Cancel switch order

Cancellations are only possible for orders that have not yet been completed.


If you have any questions, please click here for further assistance. 

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