What is the max/min amount available in Switch orders?

There is no maximum limit for Market Switch orders. But your Switch order will not be processed when the order size exceeds the Switch pool balance.

Limit Switch orders are not executed immediately, so the total accumulated amount of unprocessed Limit Switch orders are restricted no larger than the balance of the Switch pool, in compliance with which there is no maximum limit for Limit Switch orders.

The minimum amount in Switch orders is flexible depending on the cryptocurrency pairs as follows:

  • Bitcoin_Icon.pngBTC → Ethereum_icon.pngETH : 0.00025 BTC
  • Bitcoin_Icon.pngBTC → USDT_icon.pngUSDT : 0.00005 BTC
  • Bitcoin_Icon.pngBTC → usdc.jpgUSDC : 0.00005 BTC
  • Bitcoin_Icon.pngBTC → XRP_icon.pngXRP : 0.00005 BTC
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