What should I do if I see a “Invalid username or password" message when I log in?

Please check if the login information you entered is correct and if your ID and password are case-sensitive. One common mistake our members make is unknowingly entering upper case letters or false information by relying on the auto-complete function of their browsers. Here's an example:

If you've signed up for your account as the below:

Haruinvest@financialfreedom.com(starts with uppercase Letter H )

You must always log in to your account using the same information as the above, not:


Please note that too many failed login attempts can block your account to prevent potential security breaches. Once the account is blocked, please contact us through the Help Center to unlock the account, where you'll be asked to verify your account on live. You might also be asked to take a selfie video during the process. This process is only available through a live chat with our Support team during business hours—Mon to Fri 12:00 AM-11:59 PM UTC. 

If you need further assistance, please contact our Support team here.

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