Should I buy Frost on Marketplace with the corresponding cryptocurrency type?

Yes, you can buy a specific Frost with the corresponding cryptocurrency. If you have insufficient corresponding cryptocurrency in Haru Wallet, you can use Switch to swap for the currency you need before buying Frost.

Can I buy Earn Plus on Marketplace?

No, you can only buy and sell Frost on Marketplace. However, you can buy Frost and melt it into an Earn Plus lockup.

Is Crystal available for exchange?

No. But we plan to add Crystal to Marketplace in the future.

Are those Frosts listed on Marketplace eligible for issuing Crystal?

Yes, but only if enough Crystals are available for the corresponding Collection. Frosts are only eligible for issuing Crystals from the same Collection.

Does my referral code apply to the melted Earn Plus lockups?

Yes—your referral code applies to your melted Frost/Earn Plus lockups because your referral bonus applies to your account, not your product.

Can I still enjoy the benefits of promotion for my Earn Plus even after I l freeze it?

If you locked up your Earn Plus product during the promotion period, the earn rate bonus would remain effective even after you freeze your Earn Plus.

Can I get the earn rate bonus for the Earn Plus products I've melted during the promotion period? 

The earn rate bonus applies if you lock up your Earn Plus during the promotion period. Once you've locked up, your earn rate bonus will remain effective regardless of whether you freeze, melt, buy, or sell the product.

What should I do if I can't find the purchased Frosts on Marketplace?

You may find the purchased Frosts on Marketplace by going to Freeze > My Freezer.

What should I do if I haven't received earnings from the purchased Frosts?

Frosts' daily earning transaction history can be found by going to Home > Haru Wallet > Recent Transactions.

What should I do if the Frost I wanted to buy disappeared from Marketplace?

When a certain Frost is sold or delisted by the seller before you complete the purchase, you will receive a notification saying, "fail to complete the purchase." This means the Frost is no longer available on Marketplace.

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