Welcome to Luminary Club!

Welcome to Haru Invest’s all-new VIP Luminary Club!

Luminary Club was created to provide selected Haru Invest members with various exclusive services and benefits.

Please note this program is currently in beta mode, with an official launch slated for later in the year.



Membership is available in three tiers: Discoverer, Pioneer, and Visionary.


  • Earnings are defined as the total earnings per quarter.
  • Requirements for both earnings and lockups must be met in order to become a member.

Membership Criteria

  • Quarterly Period for Total Earnings

    • 1Q: 1/1-3/31 (Benefits offered from Q2 to Q3)
    • 2Q: 4/1-6/30 (Benefits offered from Q3 to Q4)
    • 3Q: 7/1-9/30 (Benefits offered from Q4 to Q1)
    • 4Q: 10/1-12/31 (Benefits offered from Q1 to Q2 next year)
  • Total Earnings

    • Total earnings are calculated every quarter and include the following products.
      • Haru Wallet: Daily earnings (includes Freeze/Frost earnings)
      • Haru Earn Plus: Daily earnings
      • Haru Earn Explore: Earnings per the Biweekly Performance Report (amount before fee deduction)
  • Lockups

    • 90-day lockups must amount to over 50% of the member’s total balance as of the last day of the quarter.
      • Last day of each quarter: 3/31, 6/30, 9/30, 12/31
    • Products that Apply to Lockups
      • Earn Plus: Lockups of 90 days or more (includes Frosts)
      • Earn Explore: All products except for Surf with the volatility (USDT product)
      • Haru Wallet: Your Haru Wallet balance does not apply to your lockup balance
  • Earnings Conversion to USD



Luminary Club benefits are provided according to your membership tier. Once you become a member, you’ll be able to enjoy membership benefits for six months. ex) Members who enter the Luminary Club in Q4 will receive club benefits in 22Q4 and 23Q1.


  • All Luminary Club members will receive further details regarding the various benefits.

Additional Details!

  • Luminary Club membership is designated per individual.
  • Membership may be revoked if suspicious or illegal activity is detected. Upon cancellation, all benefits will automatically discontinue.
  • The standards described thus far pertain to the membership year for 2022 and may change in the next year.
  • The benefits described thus far pertain to the membership year for 2022 and may change in the next year.
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